Empower, engage and energize your business through professional training.

Speak Up Consulting & Coaching specializes in business and communication skills training to enhance your business and help to retain quality employees.


We work with clients from all industries. Some of our most recent clients include visitor & convention bureaus, insurance firms, political candidates, real estate professionals, marketing & branding teams, other training teams, and more!

Training Programs & Workshops

Knowledge is power, and professional development is one of the best ways to acquire this, as well as enhance an individual’s confidence in their ability to do their job.


Seminars and workshops can be done on a variety of topics around professional communication and suited to your specific needs. General topics include: Public speaking, body language, sales, customer service, leadership, and business acumen. Please contact us for a complete catalog of workshops, or to request a different topic.


Master The Mountain Training Programs

These are ongoing training programs for more hands-on, in-depth training for your employees and executives. Training on a continuous basis leads to forming positive habits and enhancing the culture of an office to be more growth and learning oriented. Programs vary from 3-6 months in length.


Team & Individual Coaching

Giving a Presentation

Individual coaching provides for more specialized training. Whether you seek coaching for a small team or yourself, Speak Up Consulting & Coaching offers coaching services to fit your needs. Areas of focus include public speaking, body language, sales, and customer service.

Do you want to overcome your apprehension around public speaking, or learn how to effectively read and respond to others' nonverbal behavior in the moment? Perhaps you're more interested in taking already high-producing sales team to the next level. Our passion is helping others, just like you, succeed!

** Did you know that public speaking is the #1 fear of human beings, even above death? We understand how intimidating public speaking can be for many people, and would love to help you overcome your specific anxiety. 

Consulting & Facilitation Services 

Whether you have an in-house training department, or choose to hire out for one, Speak Up Consulting & Coaching can help.


We can evaluate the effectiveness of an in-house training department and provide recommendations of how to restructure or make it even more effective.


However, if you currently do not have a training department, Speak Up Consulting & Coaching can offer the training services you desire.


Other Consulting Services

Do you have a presentation coming up that you would like feedback on? Ask us about our comprehensive evaluations where we look at 22 different aspects of the presentation and make recommendations for future presentations.

Strategic Planning Facilitation

Is your leadership team planning a strategic planning retreat? Let us help facilitate this day for you. We remain objective while keeping everyone on task and having fun throughout the day. You can also add on team building activities throughout the facilitation for a more comprehensive retreat.

Job Interview

A Snapshot Of Captivating Workplace Culture Workshop