About Speak Up Consulting & Coaching

Speak Up Consulting & Coaching is a comprehensive business skills training company that provides workshops, in-depth programs, and individual coaching, as well as consulting and facilitation services for companies looking to enhance their employees’ toolbox for success.


At Speak Up Consulting & Coaching, we focus on the development of people to enhance lives, careers and companies. We believe in building the individual so the company can succeed. Creativity, efficiency and productivity can thrive with the right training.


Whether you’re a small company looking to hire out for a training department, or a large business looking for a seminar series, we’re here to help. Contact us today for a free consultation.


Breanne Winter is the CEO and training specialist at Speak Up Consulting & Coaching. Her goal is helping others achieve their professional potential. She does this through building, maintaining and enhancing business and communication skills. Breanne believes there are several ways to “speak” – with our words, our actions, our tone, even the energy we give off to those around us. Communication is at the heart of credibility and all business interactions, from the board room to the front desk, and understanding how to use and build upon the business skills you have is what makes individuals, and therefore, companies, truly successful.


With a Bachelor’s and Master’s in communication, along with certifications in neuro-linguistic programming and guest services, Breanne has a love for research, growth and development. Through prior experience from sales to being a university instructor and director of an oral communication center, to recruiting, planning and conducting educational seminars, and even volunteering to be the National Anthem soloist over 600 times, she has over 12 years of professional experience in public speaking, professional presence and cultivating business skills.


Outside of the office, Breanne is an adventure friend, who loves to travel and spend time with family and friends. She also loves her action movies! Life is far too short for it not to be an adventure.

Breanne Winter